230mm (9 inch) Discs (abrasive disc) is a bigger model of the abrasive disc, typically used for heavier grinding, cutting, and sprucing obligations.

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Tyrolit 222865 230mm x 6mm 2 in 1 DPC Metal Grinding Discs

£5.69 ex.VAT
MPN 222865
Country of Manufacture Germany
Manufacturer Tyrolit
Diameter 230 mm
Bore Size 22.23
Thickness 6 mm
Shape 27 Depressed Centre
Technology A30Q-BF
Quantity in Pack 10

Tyrolit 230mm x3mm Cutting Disc

£1.88£46.00 ex.VAT
This Tyrolit 2-in-1 cut-off wheel provides easy handling, fast work and high stock removal performance as well as a with long wheel lifetime.
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Uses of Abrasive Disc 230 mm (9 inch)

Here are some common makes use of and capabilities of a 230 mm abrasive disc:

  •  Metalworking:
    Abrasive discs of this length are normally utilised in metalworking programs for grinding, cutting, and shaping diverse varieties of metals, consisting of steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. They are used in fabrication stores, creation sites, and business manufacturing centres.
  • Construction and Masonry:
    In construction and masonry paintings, 230 mm (9 inch) abrasive discs are used for slicing and shaping substances such as concrete, stone, brick, and tiles. They are essential equipment for obligations like slicing concrete slabs, bricks, and pavers.
  • Shipbuilding and Welding:
    Industries consisting of shipbuilding and welding rely on abrasive discs of this size for heavy-obligation grinding and reducing of metallic components, weld seams, and other systems.
  • Pipeline Maintenance:
    Maintenance and restore of pipelines frequently require cutting and grinding steel surfaces, and 230 mm abrasive discs are typically used for these duties.

The Features of 230mm (9 inch) Discs:

  • Diameter:
    The 230 mm diameter offers a bigger reducing or grinding floor region in comparison to smaller discs, bearing in mind quicker cloth elimination and better productiveness.
  • Thicker Construction:
    Abrasive discs of this size are normally thicker and greater sturdy than smaller discs, supplying multiplied sturdiness and longer carrier existence, specially whilst used for heavy-duty programs.
  • Reinforced Design:
    Many 230 mm abrasive discs characteristic a reinforced design with more than one layers of fiberglass mesh or different reinforcing materials bonded to the abrasive fabric. This reinforcement complements the electricity and stability of the disc, reducing the threat of breakage or shattering at some point of use.
  • Compatibility:
    These discs are designed to be compatible with larger energy equipment including perspective grinders and bench grinders that have the ability to house nine-inch discs. It's vital to ensure that the grinder you operate is appropriate for the size and sort of abrasive disc you plan to use.
  • Abrasive Material:
    Similar to smaller abrasive discs, 230 mm discs are available in diverse abrasive materials which includes aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia alumina, and ceramic alumina, each acceptable to distinctive substances and packages.

When using 230 mm abrasive discs, it is vital to adhere to safety precautions, together with carrying appropriate PPE, securely mounting the disc on the grinder, and following manufacturer's suggestions for velocity and utilization. Additionally, right method and handling are vital for safe and powerful operation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What size disc for a 9 inch grinder?

A 9-inch grinder typically uses a 230mm (9 inch) Discs. This size is standard for most 9-inch grinders and is important to ensure proper fit and functionality. When purchasing replacement discs or attachments for your grinder, make sure to select ones specifically designed for 9-inch models to ensure compatibility and safe operation.

What size blade for 9 inch grinder?

230mm (9 inch) Discs are suitable for 9 inch grinder.