Gas cutting/ torch burning/cutting  or cutting accessories are gear and system utilized in oxy-gas slicing and welding strategies. These add-ons are vital for controlling the glide of gases, turning in the perfect gases to the torch, and attaining the preferred reducing or welding results.

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ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/16″ Cutting 10mm – 75mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/16″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 10mm – 75mm

ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/32″ Cutting 3mm – 6mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/32″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 3mm – 6mm

ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/8″ Cutting 190mm – 300mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/8″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 190mm – 300mm

ANM Cutting Nozzle 3/32″ Cutting 90mm – 150mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 3/32″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 90mm – 150mm

ANM Cutting Nozzle 3/64″ Cutting 5mm – 12mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 3/64″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 5mm – 12mm

ANM Cutting Nozzle 5/64″ Cutting 70mm – 100mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 5/64″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 70mm – 100mm

Burning Nozzle Cleaning Kit

£4.50 ex.VAT
Pocket sized set of welding nozzle cleaners, help prolong welding nozzle life and operational efficiency.     Sizes ranging from

Disposable Gas Bottle – ARGON/CO2 – 2.2L

Original price was: £44.74.Current price is: £39.99. ex.VAT
Disposable and non-refillable gas bottle for welding

Disposable Gas Bottle – PURE ARGON – 2.2L

Original price was: £44.74.Current price is: £39.99. ex.VAT
Disposable and non-refillable gas bottle for welding.

NM 18/90 Cutting Torch

£29.11 ex.VAT
NM is a well-balanced Nozzle Mix hand cutting Torch. The Torch gives more Safety and Efficiency than Injector Mix. Light weight NM cutters are easy to handle and can withstand rough usage for long time.

PNM Cutting Nozzles

£4.77 ex.VAT
Cutting nozzles are precision-machined and hand-finished to give a positive seat. The orifices are swaged to minimise gas turbulence and slag accumulation, whilst the nozzle design provides excellent gas-mixing for fast pre-heating
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Oxy Acetylene Cutting?

Oxy cutting is a method of cutting through ferrous metals using gas to produce a flame. It uses a mixture of oxygen and acetylene (or propane, natural gas, LPG) to rapidly oxidise the metal and cut through it.

What equipment is used for gas cutting?

Gas cutting, also known as oxy-fuel cutting, involves the use of fuel gases and oxygen to cut through metal. Several pieces of equipment are necessary for gas cutting:

  1. Cutting Torch: The cutting torch is the primary tool used to direct the flow of oxygen and fuel gas to the cutting area. It typically consists of a handle, mixing chamber, cutting tip, and valves to control the flow of gases.
  2. Fuel Gas Cylinder: Gas cutting typically utilizes acetylene or propane as the fuel gas. The fuel gas is stored in high-pressure cylinders and regulated before being fed into the cutting torch.
  3. Oxygen Cylinder: Oxygen is required to support the combustion process that heats the metal to its ignition temperature. Oxygen cylinders store high-pressure oxygen, which is regulated and fed into the cutting torch.
  4. Hoses and Regulators: Hoses connect the fuel gas and oxygen cylinders to the cutting torch. Regulators control the flow and pressure of gases from the cylinders to ensure safe and consistent operation.
  5. Flashback Arrestors: Flashback arrestors are safety devices installed on the hoses to prevent flames from traveling back into the hoses and cylinders, reducing the risk of explosions.
  6. Ignition Source: A spark or pilot flame is used to ignite the fuel gas and oxygen mixture at the cutting tip, initiating the cutting process.
  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): PPE such as welding goggles, gloves, and flame-resistant clothing are essential for the safety of the operator during gas cutting operations.

What is the full form of PNM nozzle?

The full form of PNM nozzle is "Precision Nozzle Manufacturing nozzle". This type of nozzle is specifically designed and produced to achieve high accuracy and performance in various applications, ensuring precise control of fluid or gas flow.