A hole saw, Hole Cutting TCT/HSS Bits or hole cutter is a specialist type of drill bit, designed to allow the user to bore out a circular hole of wider diameter than most standard bits would typically create.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TCT hole saw used for?

Hole Cutting TCT/HSS Bits are generally used by carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and DIY lovers for obligations which includes installing door knobs, taps, light furniture, and air flow ducts. Hole saws also are applied in industrial settings for drilling holes in metallic sheets, pipes, and different structural additives.

What are the types of Hole Cutting TCT/HSS Bits?

There are various varieties of hollow saws designed for precise substances and programs. For example, bi-metal hole saws are appropriate for reducing thru steel and wooden, whilst diamond-coated or carbide-tipped hole saws are used for slicing difficult materials like tile, ceramic, and glass.

How to use  TCT hole saw used for?

To use a hollow noticed, the pilot drill bit is located on the center of the favored hole vicinity, and then the noticed blade is guided into the fabric. The serrated enamel cut via the cloth, while the pilot drill bit allows to stabilize and guide the hollow noticed. It's essential to apply the perfect velocity and pressure when working a hollow saw to obtain easy and correct consequences.

Which one is better, TCT or HSS?

HSS (High Speed Steel) planer blades are exceptionally sharp, providing the smoothest possible planing results. In comparison, TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) blades, also known as HM (Hard Metal) blades, are not as sharp. While they produce a slightly less smooth finish than HSS blades, the quality of the result is still very good.

What is a hole cutter drill bit used for?

Hole saws are typically used for cutting holes with a larger diameter than standard drill bits. They create clean holes without damaging the core material of your workpiece. The primary advantage of using a hole saw over a standard drill bit is the increased efficiency and accuracy.