Ear and Eye protection are specalized accessories to protect eyes and ears while at work such as construction, welding and others. Lincweld offer range of eye and ear PPEs.

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Challenger Goggle Clean

£4.47 ex.VAT
Wide panoramic UV protective lens treated with anti scratch and anti fog coating, for long-lasting performance. The special shape of the lens allow it to be worn with prescription glasses and disposable dust masks. Improved design with a larger elastic band for optimized comfort. Indirect ventilation.

Comfort Ear Protector

£6.71 ex.VAT
Ear defenders or ear muffs are PPE (personal protective equipment) designed to protect the wearer from extreme noises.

Direct Vent Goggle Clear

£2.35 ex.VAT
Designed to be worn in a tough work environment, this goggle is fitted with a flexible PVC frame for ultra light and comfortable wear. Direct Ventilation.

Honeywell CB20 Browguard with Ratchet Headband

£17.86 ex.VAT
Face shields are plastic face visors that provide full face protection.  Given they cover the whole face the mouth, nose and eyes.

Honeywell Clearways 200mm Green Acetate Shade 5 Visor

£24.58 ex.VAT
Highly durable Honeywell CV85/5W 200mm green lightweight acetate shade 5 visor for Clearways Browguard. Built for all-day usage, strength and comfort. Browguard sold separately.


£8.29 ex.VAT
  Honeywell Clearways clear acetate visor CV84A (1002360) is designed for use with CB14 or CB20 browguards to provide eye and face protection.


£12.15 ex.VAT
The Honeywell Clearways CB14 browguard (1002346) is a lightweight model with adjustable headgear and elasticated headband for comfortable use throughout the working day.

Honeywell Clearways CV84A 200mm Acetate Clear Visor

£14.50 ex.VAT
Honeywell Clearways CV84A 200mm Acetate Clear Visor is available now at Safety Supplies.  Call our friendly team today for further information and impartial advice on all your PPE and eye protection needs.

Indirect Vent Goggle Clear

£2.86 ex.VAT
Designed to be worn in a tough work environment, this goggle is fitted with a flexible PVC frame for ultra light and comfortable wear. Indirect Ventilation.

Levo Spectacle Clear

£5.82 ex.VAT
Levo spectacle's innovative concept offers the comfort of a safety spectacle with the fit and seal of a goggle. The back foam gives added brow and cheek protection. The arms can be interchanged with the adjustable head-strap for more fitted wear. Excellent ventilation through indirect vents in the back foam, which aids in preventing misting and fogging.

Premium Ear Muff

£8.95 ex.VAT
Ear defenders or ear muffs are PPE (personal protective equipment) designed to protect the wearer from extreme noises.

PU Foam Ear Plugs Box 200

£19.78 ex.VAT
PU foam disposable ear plugs made with soft and durable foam. Easy to insert and remove. Excellent attenuation level and a comfortable fit for long periods of use. Each pair comes inside an individual hygienic polybag with fitting instructions.

What are Eye PPE?

Eye protection is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to prevent injury to the eye. The eyes are one of the most important organs as well as vulnerable parts of human body. Eyes are easily injured by many things such as small particles, chemicals, biological agents, strong visible light and non-visible rays.

What are Ear PPE?

Ear protection refers to devices used to protect the ear, either externally from elements such as cold, intrusion by water and other environmental conditions, debris, or specifically from noise. High levels of exposure to noise may result in noise-induced hearing loss. Measures to protect the ear are referred to as hearing protection, and devices for that purpose are called hearing protection devices.

In the context of work, adequate hearing protection is that which reduces noise exposure to below 85 dBA over the course of an average work shift of eight hours.

When sounds exceed 80 dBA, it becomes dangerous to the ears.

What are best PPEs for eyes?

Certainly! Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the eyes includes various types of gear designed to protect against different hazards. Here are some common types:

  • Safety Glasses:
    - Standard protective eyewear designed to shield the eyes from impact, debris, and small flying objects.
    - Available in various styles, including wraparound, side shields, and prescription lenses.
  • Safety Goggles:
    - Enclosed eyewear that forms a secure seal around the eyes to provide protection against chemical splashes, dust, and other hazards.
    - Often used in laboratories, industrial settings, and healthcare environments.
  • Face Shields:
    - Transparent visors that cover the entire face, providing protection against splashes, droplets, and airborne particles.
  • Welding Helmets:
    - Specifically designed for welding applications, these helmets feature a protective visor that shields the eyes from intense light, sparks, and infrared radiation generated during welding processes.

What are three types of eye protections?

Three main types of eye protection are safety glasses, goggles, and face shields.  Shop all these 3 at Lincweld under budget and at maximum quality!

Which ear protection is the best?

Ear PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment for the ears, is essential for safeguarding against noise-induced hearing loss and other auditory hazards. Here are different types of ear PPE:

  •  Earplugs:
    - Disposable or reusable devices inserted into the ear canal to reduce exposure to loud noises.
    - Available in various materials, including foam, silicone, and wax, to provide a comfortable fit and effective noise attenuation.
  • Earmuffs:
    - Protective cups worn over the ears that seal against the head to block out noise.
    - Typically cushioned for comfort and adjustable to ensure a proper fit.
    - Some earmuffs also feature additional features like built-in communication systems or compatibility with helmets and other headgear.
  • Semi-insert Earplugs:
    - Also known as canal caps or banded earplugs, these devices feature earplugs attached to a band that sits around the neck or head.
    - Suitable for situations where frequent removal and insertion of earplugs are necessary, such as intermittent noise exposure.
  • Electronic Hearing Protection:
    - Advanced ear protection devices that use electronic technology to amplify low-level sounds while providing protection from loud noises.
    - Often equipped with features like volume control, automatic noise compression, and audio input for communication devices.
  • Custom-molded Earplugs:
    - Tailored to fit an individual's ear canal, custom-molded earplugs provide a comfortable and secure fit for long-term wear.
    - Made from materials like silicone or acrylic, these earplugs offer superior noise attenuation and durability.
  • Noise-canceling Headphones:
    - While not traditional ear PPE, noise-canceling headphones use active noise control technology to reduce ambient noise, providing a quieter environment for the wearer.
    - Useful in situations where exposure to constant background noise can contribute to fatigue or stress.

Why use ear protection?

Develop the routine of using hearing protection when anticipating exposure to loud environments, and ensure easy access to earplugs or earmuffs for unforeseen noisy situations. In the event of sudden or unexpected loud noises, shield your ears with your hands and relocate away from the source of the noise, if feasible.