Typically, your welding machine should be maintained and calibrated every 12 months for standard grade equipment and every 6 months for precision grade equipment.

Maintenance should be performed more regularly if it’s suspected that the performance has worsened, as well as after any repairs to the power supply or its metering system i.e., the wire feed unit. The interval might also be affected by the conditions in which the welding equipment operates (e.g., machines used offshore and in shipyards are typically tested every 6 months).

Wire feed speed testing is now required if meters are present. MIG/MAG, manual metal arc welding, and TIG systems may all be calibrated. Qualified fabricators must have their welding equipment calibrated at least annually.

It is particularly important to keep on top of this each year to avoid quality issues, safety hazards and unwanted breakdowns. This can also help prolong the life of your welding equipment.

Electrical Safety Testing of Welding Equipment is not mandatory, however, as an employer and/or owner of welding equipment or plasma cutters, you are responsible to ensure that they are electrically safe to use.

This standard has been introduced to ensure the electrical safety of this equipment which in turn will protect the machine operator from serious injury or worse.

Each inspection and test include a certificate for each machine which states the equipment conforms to this standard and is electrically safe to use (subject to necessary part(s) being repaired and/or replaced).

This compliance test is carried out by our trained engineers that are qualified to carry out this inspection to the above standard.

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