Welders should wear clean, dry welding gloves and overalls. Overalls or other clothing should be worn to minimise the amount of bare skin, particularly on arms and legs. Welding PPE is not designed to prevent electric shock, but it does provide some protection.

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ESAB G50 Prepared For Air With PAPR Unit

£745.92 ex.VAT
The G50 from ESAB is one of the more popular and effective PAPR welding helmets UK welders can buy. As well as the respiratory protection from the PAPR unit, it's a fully auto darkening welding helmet. Its lightweight shell has been designed to have sufficient strength and impact resistance for use when grinding has to be carried out.

ESAB Sentinel A50 Air with PAPR System with 1000mm Long Hose

£665.00 ex.VAT
The popular Sentinel A50 is now available as an air fed system, the A50 Air can be combined with the the Aristo Air and the ESAB branded PAPR unit become the ultimate and complete PAPR systems.

GYS GYSMATIC Air Fed Welding Helmet TrueColour 5/13 XXL

£430.00 ex.VAT
  New HSE rules state that employers are duty bound to provide employees protective equipment to prevent inhaltion of carciogenic welding fumes. The Gysmatic air fed helmet has a 3 speed fan which ensures a constant flow of filtered air to the welders face. Total weight 1.7kg Delivered with carry case

Stealth XG Th3 PAPR Air Fed Welding & Grinding Helmet System

Original price was: £400.00.Current price is: £378.00. ex.VAT
Lightweight, ergonomic design with high impact resistance material Flip up with large clear view for grinding/cutting

SWP Proline PAPR – Air fed Welding Helmet with Bag

£369.59 ex.VAT
The Proline PAPR unit offers welders comfort and protection with continuous, automatically variable air flow control – 165-200-230 l/min. With a TH2  protection factor, the Proline PAPR is suitable for most welding applications.  

TECMEN V3 Airfed Welding & Grinding Helmet

£580.00 ex.VAT
The TECMEN V3 Airfed Welding & Grinding Helmet is a premium quality protective headgear. It provides complete respiratory and eye