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Galvanising Spray 400ml

£4.78 ex.VAT
Excellent corrosion protection. This heavy duty cold galvanising spray 400ml can be used to repair the surface of galvanised components

NDT Cleaning Spray 400ml

£4.20 ex.VAT
NDT Cleaner & Remover. SKC-S is a solvent cleaner/remover for pre-cleaning before non-destructive testing and for removing excess surface penetrant

NDT Developer Spray 400ml

£4.19 ex.VAT
The purpose of a developer is to effectively pull the penetrant back out of a defect to allow it to be

NDT Dye Penetrant Spray 400ml

£4.19 ex.VAT
This allows for easy identification of any defects or areas that require further inspection or repair.

NDT Kit System 400ml

£12.00 ex.VAT
WR7040 Includes: Cleaner Spray Developer Spray Dye Penetrant Spray

Parweld WR1030 Anti Spatter

£1.82 ex.VAT
Anti-Spatter Spray is a water based, paintable, cost effective, and non-flammable agent for the prevention of weld-spatter adhering to metal surfaces

Water Based Anti-Spatter Fluid 5LTR

£18.31 ex.VAT
  • Prevents adhesion of weld spatter to the area surrounding the weld zone.


£9.47 ex.VAT
WD40 AEROSOL 400ML – Known as “the can with a thousand uses,” WD-40 protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates

Welding Tip Dip Gel 500ml

£7.83 ex.VAT
Weldmig Tip Dip Gel 500ml Minimises Weld Spatter Extends Nozzle & Contact Tip Life Protects Mig Welding Torches, Jigs & Fixtures Odourless, Non Toxic & Non Flammable No Silicones

Weldline Ceraskin

£21.54 ex.VAT
CERASKIN is a rapid drying ceramic coating spray providing exceptional protection of welding equipment and welded parts from damage caused by spatters.