In stick welding, contact between the rod electrode and workpiece ignites the arc. This creates a short circuit for a fraction of a second between the two poles, meaning that current can then flow. The arc burns between the workpiece and the electrode. This creates the required fusion heat.

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GYS Easy MIG 160 MIG Welder

£475.63 ex.VAT
The Easy MIG range of welders from GYS are compact, light & maneuverable multi process welders.


£3,214.40 ex.VAT
Key Features
  • 20MM maximum weld thickness on mild steel
  • 20A - 400A output
  • Multi process welder
  • Industrial covers-all machine
  • Weight - 32KG
  • 400V input supply
  • Duty cycle - 60% @ 400A
  • Perfect for on-site welding
  • 2 year warranty
  • Ready to weld packages available

GYS MONOGYS 250 Professional 250Amp MIG Welder with 4 Roll Feed & Automatic Wire Speed

£1,259.99 ex.VAT
A 250 Amp, single phase MIG welder with 4 roll wire feed system and semi-synergic control panel. It is controlled by a microprocessor, set up is quick and easy with the option of having the machine automatically controlling wire speed.

GYS Multi-Pearl 200.4XL Multi-Process 1ph Dual Voltage MIG/TIG/MMA 200Amp

£1,190.00 ex.VAT
Featuring inverter technology, the MULTIPEARL 200.4XL combines the MIG, TIG and MMA processes in a single product. Compact and lightweight, it will be an ideal ally on site and in maintenance workshops. It is suitable for welding most common materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium and MIG brazing CuSi3).

GYS Multiweld 320T MIG/MAG welding

£1,193.80 ex.VAT
GYS Multiweld 320T The MULTIWELD 320T is a semi automatic tri-phase welding machine, combines MIG/MAG, cored wire and MMA welding

GYS NEOPULSE 320C MIG Welder – 3 Phase

£3,663.33 ex.VAT
The NEOPULSE 320C is a digital 3 phase MIG/MAG pulse welding machine. It uses the latest technology to ensure the highest performance level. Digital interface is easy to use and practical, with a synergic mode which allows you to input details into your machine to ensure the perfect welding settings

GYS Neopulse 400 G Pulse Synergic Separate Wire Feed MIG Welder – 3 Phase

£7,228.67 ex.VAT
Digital technology, the NEOPULSE 400 G is a pulsed MIG/MAG welding power source with a separate wire feeder. Ultra high performance and designed for the highest performance level using the latest technology