Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is an arc welding process that uses a continuous solid wire electrode heated and fed into the weld pool from a welding gun. The two base materials are melted together forming a join.

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Lincoln Electric Bester 215MP

£950.00 ex.VAT
Only 1 left in stock DETAILS Lincoln Electric Bester 215MP represents the latest generation of state-of-the-art inverter-based single-phase compact multiprocess

Lincoln Electric QuickMIG 300 MIG Welder – 400V

£1,185.00 ex.VAT
MACHINE ONLY The Lincoln Electric QuickMIG 300 MIG welder is a 3 phase synergic MIG welder that is capable of welding various materials up to 12MM in thickness. It boasts a 4 roll wire feeder for smooth and consistent wire feeding as well as digital parameter readout which allows it to be calibrated and therefore used for structural steelwork to BS EN 1090.

Lincoln Speedtec 200C Multi Process Welder

£1,090.28 ex.VAT
The SPEEDTEC 200C represent the latest generation of state of the art inverter based single phase compact MIG machines. Lincoln Electric has constructed a fully professional machine packed with features, into a small light-weight compact housing maximising portability.


£1,499.00 ex.VAT
SPEEDTEC® 215C is a small but powerful single phase inverter based, multi-process machine. It has been equipped with colour TFT User Interface which makes welding set up fast and easy.

Lincoln Bester 190C Multi MIG TIG MMA Welding Machine

£355.00 ex.VAT
Please be advised this machine takes 5KG  wire not 15kg Lincoln Electric presents the Bester 190C Multi Process Inverter Welder. This 180A compact inverter based welding machine is an excellent option for MIG/ TIG Lift and MMA applications. Designed to be portable everywhere you go within your workshops and working environments   Packed Dimensions: Height 34cm  x  Width 26cm  x  Depth 56cm Gross Weight: 17kg each

Lincoln Powertec i380C Advanced MIG/MAG Welder Power Source – 400v, 3ph

£2,939.34 ex.VAT
Lincoln’s ‘Powertec i’ range are inverter based compact welders for MIG/MAG and MMA welding. These machines can be used for both MIG & STICK welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminium as well as for MIG brazing applications.