Hypertherm consumables are components used in plasma cutting systems manufactured by Hypertherm, a leading provider of industrial cutting solutions. These consumables are essential for maintaining the performance and efficiency of plasma cutting equipment.

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£14.50 ex.VAT
This genuine Hypertherm shield 220818 is designed for drag cutting applications using Duramax torches and Powermax plasma systems 45XP, 65, 85 and 105. Operating range: 15 - 85 Amp Processes: Drag cutting Hypertherm recommend genuine spares and replacement parts for long lifetime performance.


£33.00 ex.VAT
Genuine Hypertherm nozzle 220819 is suitable for Powermax 65, 85 and 105 plasma cutting systems for drag cutting and mechanised cutting applications. The operating range of this nozzle is 45 - 65 Amps. Nozzles should be regularly inspected for signs of wear such as an oval shaping or rounded edges and replaced when necessary. Hypertherm also recommend that the electrode is changed out at the same time as nozzle replacement.

Hypertherm consumables are replacement parts specifically designed for Hypertherm plasma cutters and cutting systems. These consumables play a crucial role in maintaining optimal performance and cut quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions of Hypertherm consumables?

  • They are essentially wear items that get used up during the plasma cutting process.
  • They direct and constrict the plasma arc, which is a focused stream of hot ionized gas used to melt and cut through metal.

What are the types of Hypertherm Consumables?

  • Electrodes: These initiate the arc and conduct electricity.
  • Nozzles: They shape and direct the plasma arc towards the workpiece.
  • Shields: These protect the torch from spatter and molten metal while allowing for gas flow.
  • Retaining Caps: These hold the electrode and nozzle in place.

What are the Benefits of Using Genuine Hypertherm Consumables?

  • Optimized Performance: Hypertherm consumables are designed to work seamlessly with your Hypertherm plasma cutter, ensuring clean cuts and maximizing system efficiency.
  • Extended Life: Manufactured with high-quality materials and incorporating Hypertherm's proprietary technologies, these consumables offer a longer lifespan compared to generic alternatives.
  • Consistent Cut Quality: Genuine consumables help maintain consistent arc characteristics, resulting in clean, precise cuts with minimal dross (molten metal that adheres to the cut edge).
  • Protection of your Investment: Using genuine consumables helps safeguard your Hypertherm plasma cutter from potential damage caused by incompatible parts.