This technique uses a wire welding electrode on a spool that is fed at a constant speed. The arc is created by an electrical current between base metal and wire.

Easiest to learn
Eigh welding speeds
Works well with thin and thick metals
Cleaner welds with no slag
Same equipment can be used for flux-cored arc welding

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Bohler Uranos 2000 SMC Multi Process Welder MIG/TIG/MMA

£950.00 ex.VAT
Bohler Uranos 2000 SMC ALSO INCLUDES 1.0 T0 1.2 ALUMINIUM DRIVE ROLLERS. EX DISPLAY FREE CALIBRATION. SUPER SPECIAL OFFER. ALOT OF MACHINE FOR THE MONEY....  ONLY 1 IN STOCK. Bohler's Uranos 2000 is our premium multi process welder. It has DC pulse TIG, MIG & MMA & is the lightest multi purpose welder at 12.8KG. Key Features
  • 5MM maximum weld thickness on mild steel
  • 30A - 200A output
  • 3 year warranty

Cebora Pocket Pulse – MIG Welding Inverter

£1,624.00 ex.VAT
The Cebora Pocket Pulse is in a small package, yet features dozens of pre-installed synergic programs to allow optimal machine settings for inexperienced welders


£450.00 ex.VAT
The EASYMIG 160 is a semi-automatic machine that combines MIG/MAG, cored wire and MMA welding processes. Thanks to its user-friendly interface with digital displays, the voltage and wire speed settings are made easier to set. Its ultra-light design makes it extremely portable.. The EASYMIG 160 is recommended for welding steel, stainless steel and aluminium

GYS Easy MIG 160 MIG Welder

£475.63 ex.VAT
The Easy MIG range of welders from GYS are compact, light & maneuverable multi process welders.

GYS Multi-Pearl 200.4XL Multi-Process 1ph Dual Voltage MIG/TIG/MMA 200Amp

£1,190.00 ex.VAT
Featuring inverter technology, the MULTIPEARL 200.4XL combines the MIG, TIG and MMA processes in a single product. Compact and lightweight, it will be an ideal ally on site and in maintenance workshops. It is suitable for welding most common materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium and MIG brazing CuSi3).

GYS NEOPULSE 320C MIG Welder – 3 Phase

£3,663.33 ex.VAT
The NEOPULSE 320C is a digital 3 phase MIG/MAG pulse welding machine. It uses the latest technology to ensure the highest performance level. Digital interface is easy to use and practical, with a synergic mode which allows you to input details into your machine to ensure the perfect welding settings

GYS Neopulse 400 G Pulse Synergic Separate Wire Feed MIG Welder – 3 Phase

£7,228.67 ex.VAT
Digital technology, the NEOPULSE 400 G is a pulsed MIG/MAG welding power source with a separate wire feeder. Ultra high performance and designed for the highest performance level using the latest technology

Lincoln Electric Bester 215MP

£950.00 ex.VAT
Only 1 left in stock DETAILS Lincoln Electric Bester 215MP represents the latest generation of state-of-the-art inverter-based single-phase compact multiprocess

Lincoln Speedtec 200C Multi Process Welder

£1,090.28 ex.VAT
The SPEEDTEC 200C represent the latest generation of state of the art inverter based single phase compact MIG machines. Lincoln Electric has constructed a fully professional machine packed with features, into a small light-weight compact housing maximising portability.


£1,499.00 ex.VAT
SPEEDTEC® 215C is a small but powerful single phase inverter based, multi-process machine. It has been equipped with colour TFT User Interface which makes welding set up fast and easy.

Lincoln Vantage 410 CE Diesel Engine Driven 410A Welder Ex demo 5hr

£17,500.00 ex.VAT
Ex Demo, Only 5 hours on the clock. Delivery within 5 working days, price includes Delivery. POSSIBLY THE ONLY 1


£800.00 ex.VAT
The MULTIWELD 220M-C is a compact single-phase welding machine, combining MIG/MAG, cored wire and MMA welding processes. It operates on a supply voltage between 85 and 265 V thanks to its FV (Flexible Voltage) power supply. Equipped with an accurate 4-roller wire feeder system and a reinforced structure with 2 handles for lifting and slinging, it is ideal for welding in the workshop and for quick troubleshooting on site.