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Electric Foot Amptrol Lincoln K870

£391.40 ex.VAT
Depress pedal to increase current. Depressing pedal fully achieves maximum set current. Fully raising the pedal finishes the weld and starts the After flow cycle. Equipped with a 6 pin connector. Equipped with a 6-pin connector and optional heel rest.

Lincoln Aspect 200 AC/DC TIG/GTAW Welding Machine

£2,770.00 ex.VAT
The Aspect 200 AC/DC TIG welder has advanced TIG AC & DC Functions (Four wave shapes, Pulse, adjustable Balance and Offset) making it ideal for critical AC or DC TIG welding applications. It offers a simple control panel with bright digital display and an innovative control system, from the torch

Lincoln Vantage 410 CE Diesel Engine Driven 410A Welder Ex demo 5hr

£17,500.00 ex.VAT
Ex Demo, Only 5 hours on the clock. Delivery within 5 working days, price includes Delivery. POSSIBLY THE ONLY 1

Lincoln Invertec 175TP DC TIG/GTAW Welding Machine

£923.34 ex.VAT
The Invertec 175TP TIG welders combine a rugged industrial construction with excellent arc characteristics. They are full function DC TIG inverters with excellent arc control and perfect Arc Start in any welding conditions

Lincoln Aspect 300 AC/DC TIG/GTAW Welding Machine

£4,483.00 ex.VAT
As Advanced inverter technology for superior TIG performance. Superb welding characteristics with TIG AC, TIG DC and MMA processes. Adjustable cleaning and penetration for perfect aluminium welding Variable AC frequency (40-400Hz) for control of travel speed and penetration.

Lincoln Aspect 300 AC/DC TIG/GTAW Welding Machine – Water Cooled Package

£5,988.00 ex.VAT
Aspect 300 are an industrial AC/DC TIG welding range of machines that are designed and constructed using the latest in inverter digital technology. This machine has been meticulously designed and built to perform in the most hazardous environments at high outputs: 300A at 35% duty cycle both in TIG AC and TIG DC applications.
  • Water coolers and Carts available.
  • 3 year warranty

Lincoln Invertec 400TPX DC TIG/GTAW Welding Machine

£2,872.14 ex.VAT
The Invertec 300 and 400TPX have been manufactured in a light-weight but robust outer casing, making them portable and ideal for operation even in the most hazardous environments. These machines feature HF TIG ignition, Lift TIG ignition, 2 or 4 step, variable down slope, post-flow control, digital pre-set meters with hold functions and built-in variable Pulse.