Induction heating technology is a process of heating of material by means of an electric current that is caused to flow through the material or its container by electromagnetic induction.

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GYS Powerduction 10R Induction Heating System

£500.00 ex.VAT
Key Features
  • Output Power - 1200W
  • Weight - 3.5KG
  • Input Supply - 230V
  • Heats M10 in 10 seconds
  • Heats 0.8mm sheet in 10 seconds
  • Includes 5 different inductors

GYS Powerduction 110LG Induction Heating System

£4,720.00 ex.VAT
Key Features
  • Power - 11KW
  • Weight - 80KG
  • Input Voltage - 400V
  • Heats M18 in one second
  • Heats 4mm sheet in 4 seconds (2mm in 2)
  • Container capacity (cooling liquid) - 7L

GYS Powerduction 160LG Induction Heating System

£5,000.00 ex.VAT
160LG Induction Heating System The GYS Powerduction 160LG is suitable for various sectors of work, providing instant heating power for

GYS Powerduction 37LG Induction Heating System

£2,350.00 ex.VAT
37LG Induction Heating System The GYS Powerduction 37LG is the ideal tool for mechanical and maintenance: Essential to release steering

GYS Powerduction 39LG Induction Heating System

£3,000.00 ex.VAT
Key Features
  • Output Power - 3700W
  • Weight - 50KG
  • Input Voltage - 230V
  • Heats M12 in 1 second
  • Heats 2mm sheet in 5 seconds
  • Container Capacity (cooling liquid) - 7L

GYS Powerduction 50LG Induction Heating System

£4,100.00 ex.VAT
Key Features
  • Output Power - 3700W
  • Weight - 65KG
  • Input Voltage - 230V
  • Heats M14 in 1 second
  • Heats 4mm sheet in 5 seconds (2mm in 3)
  • Container Capacity (cooling liquid) - 7L
  • Improved process efficiency.
  • Localized, constant and precise heating.
  • Temperature control.
  • Energy saving.
  • Possibility of integration into production lines.
  • Best quality and yield/performance.
  • Pollution free, fast and secure technology.
  • Improved working environment.

What is power induction technology?

Power induction technology in welding machines refers to a method of heating metal using electromagnetic induction. Instead of directly heating the metal through contact with a flame or an electric arc, power induction welding machines generate alternating electromagnetic fields, which induce electrical currents, known as eddy currents, within the metal workpiece. These eddy currents produce heat due to the material's electrical resistance, causing the metal to reach its melting point and facilitating the welding process.

Why choose Induction heating technology?

This technology offers several advantages:
  1. Efficiency: Power induction welding machines can heat metal quickly and efficiently, reducing heating time and energy consumption compared to traditional heating methods.
  2. Precision: Induction heating allows for precise control over the heating process, enabling uniform heating and consistent welding results.
  3. Versatility: Power induction technology can be used for a wide range of welding applications, including brazing, soldering, and annealing, across various metal types and thicknesses.
  4. Safety: Since there is no open flame or direct electrical contact with the workpiece, power induction welding machines offer a safer working environment compared to conventional welding methods.
Overall, power induction technology enhances welding efficiency, precision, and safety, making it a valuable tool in various industrial welding applications.