Lincweld’s ANM cutting nozzles are unique types of nozzles utilized in oxy-fuel cutting strategies. ANM cutting nozzles are vital components in oxy-gasoline cutting structures, supplying a dependable and efficient method for cutting ferrous metals in diverse business applications.

ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/16″ Cutting 10mm – 75mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/16″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 10mm – 75mm

ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/32″ Cutting 3mm – 6mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/32″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 3mm – 6mm

ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/8″ Cutting 190mm – 300mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 1/8″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 190mm – 300mm

ANM Cutting Nozzle 3/32″ Cutting 90mm – 150mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 3/32″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 90mm – 150mm

ANM Cutting Nozzle 3/64″ Cutting 5mm – 12mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 3/64″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 5mm – 12mm

ANM Cutting Nozzle 5/64″ Cutting 70mm – 100mm

£5.50 ex.VAT
ANM Cutting Nozzle 5/64″ Standard Length Plate Thickness: 70mm – 100mm

Features of ANM cutting Nozzles

Here's what you need to understand approximately them:

- Material Composition: ANM stands for Acetylene, Nitrogen, and Methane, which can be gases usually utilized in oxy-gas cutting. ANM slicing nozzles are designed to work especially with these gases.

- Functionality: These nozzles are in general used for cutting slight steel and different ferrous metals. The mixture of gases presents the essential warmness for efficient steel slicing.

- Design: ANM reducing nozzles come in various sizes to accommodate special reducing thicknesses and speeds. They have a selected layout to make certain proper fuel waft and combustion for powerful slicing.

- Applications: ANM reducing nozzles are usually used in industries together with steel fabrication, production, shipbuilding, and automotive restore. They are flexible tools for cutting metal plates, pipes, and different structural components.

- Safety Considerations: When using ANM slicing nozzles, it's crucial to comply with proper protection strategies, which include sporting appropriate shielding gear and making sure adequate air flow to save you the accumulation of probably risky gases.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the full form of ANM nozzle?

ANM stands for Acetylene Nozzle Mix (ANM). It  is crafted from a solid copper alloy. Within the nozzle, the Oxygen and Acetylene gases are combined, with the acetylene gas maintained at low pressure and drawn into the nozzle through suction.

What is the difference between ANM and PNM nozzels?

PNM (Parallel-Flow Nozzle Mix) and ANM (Acetylene Nozzle Mix) nozzles differ primarily in their design and gas mixing mechanism.

PNM (Parallel-Flow Nozzle Mix) and ANM (Acetylene Nozzle Mix) nozzles differ in design and gas mixing. PNM nozzles have parallel passages for oxygen and acetylene, mixing outside the nozzle. ANM nozzles mix gases within, holding acetylene at low pressure. ANM often uses solid copper alloy for durability. ANM offers precise mix control at lower pressures, suitable for specific welding and cutting needs.