Electrode holders, additionally called electrode clamps or electrode grips, are equipment utilized in welding to hold the electrode securely in area in the course of the welding method. They are an crucial aspect of guide arc welding, wherein an electric powered arc is created between the electrode and the workpiece to generate the warmth required for welding.

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Electrode Holder & Cable

Original price was: £28.00.Current price is: £25.00. ex.VAT
Electrode holder suitable the bester 190c & all leading brands of inverters with Dins connectors. Three Meter 35mm Double insulated

Electrode holder 200A

£13.03 ex.VAT
Electrode holder 200A with screw . for use when welding electrodes.

Twist-Type Electrode Holder, Yellow Handle – 400amp

£8.02 ex.VAT
Twist-style 400A electrode holder, featuring a durable yellow victory-style design for stick welding applications. Easily clamp electrodes with a simple twist, offering a sturdy grip compared to other holder types.

Features of Twist-Type Electrode Holder, Yellow Handle - 400amp:

  1. Twist-style design for secure electrode gripping
  2. Easy-to-use handle disassembly for electrode insertion
  3. Rated for up to 400 amps for versatile welding applications
  4. Compatible with various cable accessories, lengths, and sizes

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are electrode holders?

An electrode holder is a tool used in welding to securely grip and hold the welding electrode during the welding process. It typically consists of an insulated handle and a clamp mechanism to hold the electrode firmly in place. The electrode holder allows the welder to control the position and angle of the electrode as it melts and deposits filler material onto the workpiece.

How to use an Electrode holder?

Using an electrode holder in welding involves securely inserting the welding electrode into the holder, adjusting its position for the desired angle and stick-out length, and connecting the ground clamp to the workpiece. With the holder in hand, the welder strikes an arc, maintains the desired arc length and angle, and moves along the weld joint to deposit filler material and form the weld bead. Throughout the process, attention is paid to welding parameters for optimal weld quality. After welding, the electrode holder is disconnected from the welding machine, and the weld area is inspected for quality.

What is placed in the electrode holder?

  • Insulated Handle: The handle of the electrode holder is usually made of heat-resistant and electrically insulated material to protect the welder from electric shocks and burns.
  • Clamp Mechanism: The clamp mechanism securely grips the welding electrode, ensuring that it stays in place during welding. This allows for precise control over the position and movement of the electrode.
  • Replaceable Components: Electrode holders often have replaceable parts, such as the clamp jaws and insulation, which can wear out over time due to the heat and wear associated with welding.

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