Frames (for curtains) are structural elements designed to aid and maintain fire retardant curtains in area. These frames are commonly made of steel due to its strength and durability, which can be crucial traits for making sure the steadiness and reliability of the curtain device, particularly in emergency situations which include fires.

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Steel Frame

£29.99 ex.VAT
  • Material Steel
  • Selection Frame
  • Size 2.4m x 1.8m (8ft x 6ft)

Steel Frame Extension

£8.20 ex.VAT
  • Material Steel
  • Selection Frame
  • Size 2' / 0.6m

Features of Frames (for curtains)

Metal frames for fire -retardant curtains are vital additives of fireplace safety systems in buildings and business facilities. They offer a sturdy and reliable guide shape for deploying fire-resistant curtains, helping to contain and control fires, shield occupants, and decrease assets damage.

Here are the key features of steel frames for fire retardant curtains:

  •  Steel Construction: The frames are constructed ordinarily from metallic components, which provide sturdy support and resistance to deformation, even under excessive temperatures.
  • Modular Design: Steel frames are regularly designed to be modular, making an allowance for smooth meeting and installation. Modular frames can be custom designed to match precise dimensions and configurations of the distance in which the fire-retardant curtains may be installed.
  • Mounting Mechanisms: Steel frames might also consist of mounting mechanisms such as brackets, clips, or channels, which facilitate stable attachment to walls, ceilings, or other structural factors.
  • Compatibility with Curtain Materials: The layout of metallic frames need to accommodate the set up of fire-retardant curtains. This consists of capabilities which include curtain tracks or rails for smooth movement and deployment of the curtains.
  • Fire Resistance: While the metal itself might not be inherently fire-resistant, the design of the body have to keep in mind factors including retaining structural integrity underneath high temperatures and minimizing the threat of fall apart or deformation in the course of a hearth.
  • Finish: Steel frames may be finished with coatings or treatments to decorate corrosion resistance and aesthetic attraction. Powder coating, galvanization, or fireplace-resistant paints are not unusual finishes used to guard steel frames from environmental exposure and capacity fireplace damage.

How to put Curtains without a rod?

The answer is to invest in frames for curtains. Frames for curtains have been specially designed for their portability. At construction sites, it is not possible to have rods for curtains everywhere, so it is ideal to invest not only in fire retardant curtains but also steel frames for curtains. This will allow for maximum and durable coverage.