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Technical Arc MIG Welders:

Technical Arc, a long-established welding company based in York, UK, has built its reputation on providing top-of-the-line MIG welders for a variety of applications and industries. Their MIG welders are available in two main categories: transformer-based and inverter models. Both offer distinct advantages, but what truly sets Technical Arc apart is their commitment to quality, customization options, and exceptional long-term support. Let's explore the different MIG welder ranges offered by Technical Arc to help you find the perfect machine for your needs.

Technical Arc MIG Welder Range - Quick Guide

  • Transformer Based MIG:

  • Durable and built for tough environments.
  • Run large machines from a single-phase supply.
  • Easier to service compared to inverters.
  • 20-year parts and service guarantee.

Inverter MIG:

  • Compact and portable, ideal for on-site work.
  • Built with high-quality components to withstand wear and tear.
  • MMA, TIG welding, and plasma cutting capabilities available in some inverter models.
  • 10-year minimum parts and service guarantee.

Professional MIG:

  • Popular range of compact, single-phase MIG welders.
  • Upgradable to 4-roll wire feeders for enhanced performance.
  • Ideal for light fabrication and workshop applications.
  • 20-year minimum parts and service guarantee.

Industrial MIG:

  • Available in compact or separate wire feed unit configurations.
  • Offers high efficiency, with 400 amp versions available in single phase.
  • Single and 3-phase power options for busy industrial environments.
  • 20-year minimum parts and service guarantee, with a 5-year warranty on transformers.


  • Combines transformer-based reliability with inverter functionality.
  • Offers infinite wire speed adjustment and true multi-process capabilities (MIG, TIG, MMA).
  • Available in compact or separate wire feeder options.

Additional Equipment:

  • TecFeed Wire Feeders: Portable units for converting constant current/voltage power sources into MIG welders. Perfect for on-site use with welder generators.
  • TECTIG: Traditional transformer-based TIG welders in AC/DC or DC-only configurations. Dual voltage allows for single or 3-phase operation.
  • OPTeARC TIG: Combines transformer technology with inverter features for easy operation, excellent arc starting, and a stable arc.

By choosing Technical Arc MIG welders, you get British-made quality, a wide range of options, and exceptional long-term support.